The state of provision of Halal Kobe beef at "Tsuki Usagi" in Sannomiya was introduced on the Indonesian TV station "Trans7".

At Sannomiya's shop "Mensai Record Tsuki Usagi"
The state of course cooking using our "Halal Kobe beef",
Indonesian TV stationTrans7Was introduced in.

After all Kobe is Kobe beef!
From the beginning of the program, it has been a special issue on Halal Kobe beef.

"Tsuki Usagi" has been introduced in the video,
In addition to the "Steak course" and "Sukiyaki course",
3 types of "Park leaf grill course"
Halal Kobe beef full course is available.

Since it is provided by reservation,
Please refer to the following articles for details.
We offer Halal Kobe Beef course dishes at Tsuki Usagi