Tatsuya Co., Ltd.

Operations manager

Director Shinichi Tatsumi


1-13-19 Motomachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0022
TEL: 0120-930-820 / FAX: 078-331-3082

Product price

Posted on each product page


850 yen per recipient (uniform nationwide) *Free when the product price is 7,560 yen or more

Required charges other than product price

  • Convenience store payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery handling fee, shipping fee

How to order

Payment Method

  • Credit card payment VISA/MASTER/AMEX (Shopify Payments)
  • Credit card payment JCB (KOMOJU)
  • Bank transfer (Resona Bank)

Payment time

  • Credit card payment will be processed and billed by the card company you are using when you place an order. (Please contact the card company for the withdrawal date)
  • Convenience store payment and bank transfer are prepaid. It will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
  • For cash on delivery, please pay the delivery staff in exchange for the goods.

Product delivery time

Within 5 days from the completion of order acceptance (after payment confirmation in case of advance payment) if there is no designated date.
*You can specify the delivery date, but if you do not meet your request, we will contact you.
*Please note that the designation of the time zone is a guide only.


Delivered with peace of mind Kuroneko Yamato.


  • In the case of fresh food, it is not possible to return it due to the customer's convenience.
  • This does not apply in the case of damage or damage due to a difference in contents or an apparent accident at the time of delivery of the product during transportation.
    Please contact us by phone or email on the day of arrival of the item as much as possible. We will exchange it for a new product or refund.
  • Our company will bear the return shipping fee for defective products. Please return by cash on delivery.


We accept orders up to the day before shipment. No cancellation fee will be charged.

Contact Us

Email (tatuya@kobebeef.co.jpPlease feel free to contact us.

Complaint consultation counter

Inquiry form Or email (tatuya@kobebeef.co.jp) Please contact us.
Please feel free to contact us as we would like to value the relationship of trust with our customers.