MBS "Chichinpu Pui" (MBS) introduced Haral Kobe beef.

"Haral Kobe beef" was introduced by Tatsuya in the popular information show "Chichinpu Pui" (MBS Evening).

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In 2013, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan exceeded 10 million for the first time.
Last year, it recorded 13.41 million, up 29.4 percent from a year ago.
I say that there is a further increase in the number of Olympics ahead of the Olympics.

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The growth rate of the five Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia), whose requirements for visa issuance has been eased in 2013, has been very conspecuously high, with a total of 1.37 million people in 2014, up 43.2 percent from the previous year.
Among them, Malaysia and Indonesia are among the middle and high income earners in Malaysia.
And what's common in these two countries,"A country with a majority of Muslims (Muslims)"

In Islam, there is a tough limit on 'food', isn't it?It is forbidden to talk about what is not "halal" such as "pigs" or "alcohol."

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"Halal" means "permitted" or "legal" in Arabic, and it is prepared according to Islamic law.
However, in modern times, it is very difficult to decide whether or not the food is "halal".
For example, soy sauce and miso.Alcohol is not included when entering the mouth, but this is not "haral" because of a slight alcohol content in the brewing process.For Muslims who are unfamiliar, they are not known to them.

As I mentioned at the outset, the efforts of the public sector to "authenticate" halal are in full swing in Japan, so that the number of Muslim tourists is increasing year by year, and that the "non-halal" is not accidentally mentioned.

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In a special section of various initiatives, Tatsuya was introduced as a Kobe beef store to sell the meat of the world's first halal-certified meat shop.

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There is a strict rule of meat, which is strict, and in the case of beef, it is especially important for the cattle to be slaughtered and slaughtering and praying for the mecca of the Mecca.
The meat processing center in Sandayu Food and Meat Processing Center, which is a cattle producer selling Halal Kobe beef sold at the store, has a new halal and livestock-only facility, and has secured a line that is completely separated from the meat of the non-halal meat and other halal meat.

In addition, it is strictly prohibited to mix and transport not only with halal, but also for preservation and transport, so we have a freezer dedicated to haral Kobe beef.

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There are still few, but the Muslim community will continue to be able to deliver a good taste of Kobe beef, which is delicious and delicious in safety.
If you have any questions or requests from Harar's Kobe beef, please let us know.

The page of the calf Kobe beef is the same as Kochilla.