In the morning edition of the Mainichi Shimbun, Tatsuya's "Halal Kobe beef" was introduced.

20150401 Mainichi Newspaper Halal
In the morning edition of the Mainichi Shimbun, "Onsite to Hyogo""Halal Kobe beef"Was introduced.

This is the third company that has been interviewed since it began selling in January this year, and I feel the interest of “halal” by media people sensitive to the times.

According to Ye Ann Nine, a Muslim Myanmar who was in charge of processing Halal Kobe beef currently on sale in the article, “If Halal certification increases, Muslims can buy with confidence. For both shops and the whole country "It will be a plus" was impressive.

At this stage, we are only selling at stores and online, but in the future we would like to develop sales channels such as delivery to hotels and restaurants used by Muslim tourists.
Also, although we only handle "steak" and "yakiniku", as the owner's words in the article say, we are looking to sell "Sukiyaki", which is the most recommended Kobe beef dish in the future.

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