I went to UAE Dubai

Hello. It is a plum of the staff.

It has been another approximately two months ago, but sells it the other day in our storeHalal Kobe cowIt was の-related and went to Dubai in 4 days and 1 night. As for this, it is a bullet!

Because it is the day that I was decided to undergo the first UAE, a voyage, the knowledge arrives at Dubai on Emi Reitz plane before what from Kansai Airport for approximately ten hours with there not being it. Emi Reitz tried it for the first time, but is such common when it is economy even if I compare it with other airplanes (I had a gorgeous image without permission)


IMG_5326 IMG_5378 

The first day

Arrival to the morning. The rental wi-fi person which is usable in 50AED (approximately 1,500 yen) a day at an airportWi4GoThere was) and was saved. As for Dubai of February, the early in the morning, the temperature is considerably cool. I came over to greatest destination, ESMA (standardization promotion agency) of the government of UAE. And I get halal certification book & trophy of the government of UAE.I was able to export halal Kobe cows to the UAE in this in future. (if interested)Please refer!

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I went around each Dubai place in various ways afterwards. Because a taxi was cheap and was said to be security, I used it positively on the first day. With a meter type, a basic fare district is 5 AED how! (approximately 150 yen) the taxi which took is Toyota ばかりでしたねー. The scenery from a windshield is unbelievable.


A person from various countries commits Dubai, and the taxi driver does not leak out to the example, too. As for the employee of the restaurant, a large body was a foreigner. The condition that English was common to varied.


Because was a voyage decided on the なんせ day; as for the reservation of the hotel still. However, I search it quickly in Expedia and reserve the Hyatt Lee Gen sea Dubai creek which muss became low in on the day. I think that the Internet is great some other time. If there is it, a net line is not scary in the foreign country either! A ... improper feeling was great, but this price tasted a celebrity-like feeling the 5 star hotel that was めちゃんこ go Japanese Agricultural Standards.

It is Japanese food TOMO afterwardsFACEBOOK pageIt is dinner in). The top floor one floor of the building of the form such as the pyramid is a super gorgeous restaurant used entirely. It was スバラシイ experience. By the way, it is only here to have met a Japanese in this Dubai. . . The photograph is a view from a terrace seat. I seem to see the fireworks, too. I thought that a Japanese was trip to Dubai, and Japanese food was a large ant if it was here TOMO to choose.


The second day

I went to observe the local supermarket the next day. Other than pork or the liquor which are ハラーム (= non-halal), it keeps anything. The feeling that the meat corner does not come. By great assortment of goods, there were the rare bird and rabbit. Products local as for the beef a product, product in India in Australia. Pepper-and-salt meat はありませんね ... such as the Kobe cowIMG_5503

And after all is it not this that I cannot exclude a bullet tour? "ブルジュ tension F" ... is the world's most expensive building. (→Wikipedia

IMG_3594It is natural to be full of tourists, but is like loneliness to have been hot for me whom I climbed only in the visitors of all friend and families alone, and to be alone, and to get on an attraction of shin ... Disney. ^^; which has vanished neatly in horizon neighborhood though I endured it and waited for sunset earnestly

かもですね first looking up at the expensive building from the side. However, it was good to climb it as experience. (I meet no Japanese during the stay for approximately two hours here.) Everybody anywhere)?

Shopping mall world's largest as for the ブルジュ tension F,Dubai lacing braidに is adjacent. The Arab who I did not know whether it was the UAE nation, but wrapped the body in white folk costume! なご family put the shopping bag of a large quantity of brand-name products on the electric cart and did shopping. Cafe なんてのもありました of Armani. This rotation is full of 360 degrees, luxury brand and is completely another world for me.


Afterwards to lacing braid of the Emi Reitz. It is famous here because there is a skiing area in lacing braid. I must have a look at this! A と line came. Gee, because it is true, I hit a 1-5 floor of the shin ... lacing braid and surpass it, and there is a skiing area. It is considerably up to professional standard, and the inside seems to be approximately -10 degrees. ... is different in the scale of doing it one by one in Dubai to reach 50 degrees in midsummer.


In lacing braid, I was going to eat the last dinner only in the Dubai field, but, in the food court, so-called local food is not basically able to be able to eat for a foreign capital.


The return is severe in airplane at 3:00 a.m., this. . . The Dubai Kansai Airport service has only one of them a day, this time. The pressure of the out was quite good when I overslept.

When 1 dollar is empty in Emi Reitz Airlines by paying it, WiFi is usable, but the China sky is no use. China deca; after all even ... which was not, and was not usable while was good was very convenient.

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