The export of "halal Kobe cows" was enabled to the UAE

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Of our storeHalal Kobe cowの 屠畜, "the Mita edible meat public corporation" which I processed received authorizing it after the inspection by the UAE (the United Arab Emirates) government office of the end of last year as "slaughterhouse (the slaughterhouse that = UAE may import) that performed halal 屠畜" on January, 2016.

UAE MOEW(ministry of environmental supply of water) from WEB (the pdf eleventh page)

I received it, and, in March, 2016, the Mita edible meat public corporation acquired the export permission of the Japanese side, and export to the UAE was enabled about 屠畜, the beef which processed it in a public corporation.

From Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare WEB (pdf)

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I receive plural inquiries of the halal Kobe cow now in the dragon shop.
It is the situation that it has not yet led to for practice of the export, but discusses the rights and wrongs of it if there is interestPlease refer. I sell one of them for the time being, and / block set selling is going to play a key role.


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