In the Sannomiya, "Tsukiyasagi" (The Moon Rabbit), we offered a ranch of haral Kobe beef

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We offer Halal, Beef, Tsuki Usagi/Harar, Kobe beef @ The month of the month, and we're receiving a good reputation!

A year has passed since the sale of Harar's Kobe beef in January 2016.One of the most frequently asked questions is: "Do you have any shops where you can eat?"There are many people who come to the restaurant because they are mistaken for a restaurant.

In Kobe, there is a small number of halal stores in Japan.

There are no restaurants in the cinnery store.In addition, there are few halal restaurants near Motomachi and Sannomiya except for Indian cuisine and Turkish cuisine, but it is regrettable that they are not.

However, when I asked her to introduce her to a store in Harar, she said, "I want to introduce myself to the store." When asked about the shop, I asked him to introduce the shop.Year of the Year of the Year: Sagi (moon)I consulted with Mr. Konishi, who said, "Let' s do it!" and gave me a lunch for the calf Kobe beef.

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The first Haral response in the ' Tsuki-no-sagi '

The 'Tsuki no Sagi' is a five-minute walk from the Sannomiya Station and Motomachi Station, and the location is excellent, and the lunch time was provided with a full reservation system and a course meal was provided through the reservation system.In this regard, I told Konishi about the knowledge of halal food that I have learned in the past year, first to devise a course meal based on halal Kobe beef, based on the separation of alcohol, pork and pigs from the prohibition of alcohol, pork and cooking utensils, food and cooking utensils, as well as the disclosing of materials.

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The guests were the three Malaysians who were in charge of travel to Japan at a travel agency in Singapore, and the Japanese of their superiors (non-Muslims) and guiding officers of the Malaysian tour.It's a natural thing to learn about halal, but Haral isn't just a Muslim.I would like to have a non-Muslim, not a problem.(There are also opinions that the ingredients are often mined, and they are more secure and more comfortable to eat.)

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[caption id="attachment_4676 "align="alignnone" width="300 "]And Harar, Kobe beef! And Harar, Kobe beef![/caption]


* I was working as a waiter on the day, so I don't have a lot of photography. (Laughter)

The contents of this menu

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This is the first time for the course to address the halal, and the shape of the lunch courses offered by the Kobe beef main course is now the first in the world, and the main course is Kobe beef.It was 10,000 yen each for the loan.It may be possible the next time a change is made, but as a reference, the following contents will be published.

  • Organic vegetable salad (lemon juice, salt, pepper, olive oil)

  • Yuba (white) (white: black salt: sesame, sesame)

  • Hotaruika and wasabi no soaked soy-sauce woe (and obu-obue)

  • Sashimi (raw fish-sea bream, sea bream, sawala, and sweet shrimp, and sweet shrimp)

  • Tofu (dried bean curd) (asari soup and wakame)

  • Tempura (a Japanese tempura) (a tempura or a puffer)
    Amatsu yuu: Harar soy-sauce and sugar

  • Harar, Kobe, steak, steamed, vegetables.

  • Gurin/Garic Rice with fat from Kobe beef

  • Tai de jiru osumashi

  • Ichigo (dessert)

I was delighted!

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[caption id="attachment_4665 "align="alignnone" width="300 "]The shopkeeper, Konishi. The shopkeeper, Konishi.[/caption]

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I explained the ingredients in my cooking way so that I could help you with peace of mind.I seem to have been very pleased with the result.At that time, the cherry blossoms were displayed in the shop, but the cherry blossom season came after the cherry blossom season, and I was also pleased to see the cherry blossoms in the same store.I was posted to Facebook as follows.
Our first Sakura Greance at local Restaurant and my first Ever Halal, Beef, Beef tasting ... now know how delicious and juicy and .. why it's expensive ...!

Thank you!

A course meal using "Harar Kobe beef" will be accepted through the full reservation system.

For the latest information, please refer to this article!
We offer Halal, Beef, Tsuki Usagi/Harar, Kobe beef @ The month of the month, and we're receiving a good reputation!

Now, I have achieved a record of halal response, and Mr. Onishi's approval has been accepted, so I will officially announce it.

If you have a request to eat "Harar Kobe Cattle," I would like to accept the complete reservation system in principle only during the day of the day at the third shrine, "Tsukiyosagi" (The Moon and the Moon).

For a while, I would like to ask your request and your budget to set the contents of the course meal, and to do it in a hand-made sense.

Please note that the following points are not accepted.

  • The Month Rabbit has not been certified by an halal certification by the certifying organization.
    It is usually served as a drink or pork dish, but it is managed separately by the dining reservation system during the daytime by the management of dishes and dishes.

  • The Kobe beef product is a product that obtained halal certification by Islamic Center Japan.You can also hand over your halal and your livestock certificate.

  • We plan to provide space and carpets that we can use to pray.
    Since the "Moon Rabbit" is only one store on the eighth floor of the top floor of the building, I don't care about the surroundness of the building.I think.

  • Please make a reservation by two days before principle.

  • You will not be able to cancel from the previous day.

For the time being, there will be an inquiry and reservation at Tatsuya.

From the unfortunate situation of 'no restaurant to eat in Kobe,' when there is no shop to eat in Kobe, the cooperation of the 'Tsuki-no-gi' san is finally able to enjoy Kobe beef as well as the Muslim community, and I am very happy.

I would like to cooperate fully with the Tatsuya community so that Muslims can take the way to eat Kobe beef here!"A Tatsuya can be used as a window for inquiries, reservations, coordinations, etc.First, please contact Tatsuya!

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