Tatsuya has appeared on KTV "Akira Ikegami's Kansai that Kansai people do not know".

In the 60th anniversary special program of Kanterei "KANSAI Akira Ikegami does not know about the Kansai people"
Tatsuya appeared.

Why did Kobe beef export to the Middle East Dubai start? In the section called
At present, Tatsuya, the only HALAL Kobe beef dealer, was interviewed.

With the creation of Halal certified Kobe beef,
Exports to Dubai in the Middle East also started.
Over 600kg has been exported for two consecutive years.

For domestic use, meat salesOur shopBut,
At present, not only Kobe but also Tokyo,
It is also available at restaurants in Osaka.
Halal Kobe beef restaurant

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