We can export "Halal Kobe Beef" to UAE


The Slaughterhosue "Sanda Shokuniku Kosha", which slaughters and processes "halal Kobe Beef" for us Tatsuya, got a certificate as a halal slaughterhouse through United Arab Emirates government agency’s inspection.

UAE MOEW WEBSITE(pdf 11page)

According to this, "Sanda Shokuniku Kosha" got a export license on March 2016.
So we can export Japanese beef which processed by “Sanda shokuniku kosha” to UAE.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s  WEBSITE (pdf)

Recently we have a lot of inquires about halal Kobe Beef.
We practically haven’t export that yet but if you are interested in halal Kobe Beef, please inquire under information.
For the time being, we will sell by a head of cattle (set of whole parts) or block-bundled.


Tatsuya Co. Ltd / Jong Ho Lee (in charge of halal beef)
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